+ How does it work?

Easy! Request a pickup online through our simple form right here. We'll drop off your Boxes, you pack them, and we pick them up (and do all the heavy lifting). Whenever you need it, we’ll deliver it back, usually within 48 hours. (Seasonal schedule applies.)

+ How big is a Box It To Me Box?

It’s big. Dimensions are 27"x17"x13", and each Box has 3 cubic feet of volume. That’s enough room for about 20 pairs of shoes (or even more flip flops!), 40 shirts, 65 paperback books, or several beach towels and sets of sheets.

+ What if I have a few items that can't fit in a Box?

That's OK! We store anything that one person can reasonably carry for just $15 per month—think golf clubs, fishing gear, bikes, luggage, paddleboards, beach chairs—or larger items (kayaks, furniture) at $30 per month.

+ How safe is my stuff?

Super duper safe. We take great measures to ensure everything in our climate-controlled, flood-proof, video-monitored facility is secure. Our employees are background checked and highly professional. Plus, you watch us secure each Box with a tamper-proof tag.

+ When can I get my stuff back?

Whenever you want it. Our goal is to return items within 48 hours. If you need it faster, please call us to see what we can do. Each delivery is just $25. (Extra fee applies for two-person-carry items.)

+ Can I get just one Box returned?

You sure can. You can request one Box or all of them. Your monthly fee always corresponds to whatever you have in storage.

+ Is there anything I can’t store?

Yes, but we're big on common sense. We definitely don’t store perishable items, food, anything living, family heirlooms, jewelry, anything that can explode, and items of high value or of an irreplaceable nature. Also, if it breaks easily, you should keep it at home.

+ How much time do I have to pack my stuff?

We can happily wait 20 minutes while you pack your items into our Boxes. It’s a good idea to get your things staged before we arrive. If you need more time, you can request another pickup.

+ Can I use my own boxes or containers?

If you use our Boxes, the price is just $7 per month. It’s how we keep costs down. But, you can store your own containers or boxes for $15 per box per month.

+ Is there a weight limit?

Yes. Each Box must weigh in at 50 pounds or less.

+ Will you pack my Boxes for me?

Sorry, but we’re not allowed to pack Boxes on your behalf.

+ What if I’m not sure how much storage I need?

Request a few extra Boxes, and if you don’t fill them up, no worries. You only pay for the storage you need.

+ When do I get charged?

Your credit card will be charged the day we pick up your items and on the first of the month thereafter while your items remain with us. We do not pro-rate.

+ Where do you store my stuff?

We maintain a secure, climate-controlled, flood-proof, video-monitored facility in Southwest Florida. (But we don’t release the exact address for security purposes.)

+ Do you offer discounts?

We do! We offer a 10% discount to students, military, teachers, and police/fire. Just let us know when you check out.

+ What happens when you return my items?

We'll drop off any requested Boxes or larger items right at your door. We can wait for 20 minutes while you unpack or schedule a time to pick up the empty Boxes. When we have the empty Boxes back, we'll update your bill so you'll only be charged for what you have left in storage. Note: We do not pro-rate.

+ What if I move?

Please let us know as soon as possible. If you move within Naples, we can probably deliver your stuff to your new address.

Still have questions? Contact us.